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Letters from my clients

Dear Bruce Murphy and HKS,

When you first list your home on the market, you eagerly anticipate each showing and hope an offer comes in. My husband already had work lined up in another state so we where very eager to sell. It was a very emotional time. Bruce Murphy of HKS was always available and quickly responded to every question we had about the sale of our home. When an offer did come in he quickly advised us and worked diligently making sure the offering price met our needs.

 Without his expertise and experience we may not have gotten the right price. I would like to thank Bruce Murphy and HKS for their effort and willingness to go the

extra mile to get our house sold. I would highly recommend Bruce Murphy to anyone considering selling their house.

Thank you,

David and Lynn Castleman



I had recently listed a parcel of land for sale with your agency. Bruce Murphy was the agent whom I had the pleasure of working with. Bruce was very perceptive to my needs and the urgency I requested in selling this piece of property. We met at the land one evening and went over everything in detail on how I felt I wanted to market the land and, once again the need to sell it.

 The property was listed for just under sixty days, Bruce had found a buyer in that short amount of time. I feel that he handled the entire transaction very professionally and in a very timely manner. He always responded to my communications quickly and answered my questions and concerns as soon as he found out the answers through his research. If he did not know the answer he would do his best to find it or would openly and honestly say he did not know, but always directed me to a source to find it.

I would highly recommend HKS Associates, especially Bruce, to handle any ones real estate needs. I was very pleased with the outcome of a job well done. My heartfelt thanks to Bruce.


Harry Costick



 Working with Bruce made life easy. My girlfriend and I came into the housing market quite hesitant.
 We tried to maintain as informed and cautious as possible, having a friend who previously worked
 in the industry made this easy. Our friend accompanied us to our first showings with Bruce.
We then went on three other separate showings with Bruce with three separate guests all with the
 intent to get some kind of gauge of how our guests felt about the entire situation. I’m sure many
other realtors would have been quite frustrated due to the lack of trust and commitment we
presented towards the beginning of process, Bruce however was not. Bruce remained friendly
 and professional throughout the entire process. In addition to Bruce’s well mannered nature he
 was also quite tentative and responsive to the many many inquiries we had of him. In some
cases we would email him at 10 PM and have a reply marked 6AM the next morning. Let’s be
 honest purchasing a house isn’t just about seeing places, there is a lot more involved than that,
 fortunately Bruce was more than willing to guide us through the process and answer any and all
questions we had therein. Bruce also handled my cynicism well. At one point in the process when
we were settling on making an offer I bluntly said to him “You are making a profit based on the
price the property is being sold at, how do I know the offer we make is in our best interest?” to
which he replied “You can’t, you can only try to trust that we (real-estate agents) are sworn to a
 code of ethics and I follow them”. It is that kind of honesty that helped us feel comfortable with
the entire process. We are in our third month of living in our new dwelling and Bruce still frequently
 emails us checking to make sure we are happy and things are going well.   We fully intend to
 recommend Bruce to any person we encounter interested in real-estate.
-Paul and Heather.



To whom it may concern

I contacted Bruce after seeing one of his listings for a house online. He was very willing to meet with us to discuss the home buying process. After several hours and many phone calls later we began to work with Bruce over the course of a year in our home buying search.

Bruce’s patience with us and his support were greatly appreciated. Being first time home buyers we needed a great deal of encouragement and guidance. Bruce was always ready to answer questions, to set up times to see houses even well after 6pm and on weekends. Bruce was always willing to accommodate our busy work schedules and long distance traveling. He took the time to learn what we wanted and didn’t want in our first home and often offered guidance around the quality of the home both structurally and the value of the home.

In the end we found our dream home and could not be happier. We could not have reached our goal and dream of being a home owner without him.


Jason D. Budzik, and Lisa M. Wirth

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Bruce M. Murphy 
Associate Broker , Sales Director
MRBR 2012 Realtor of the Year
HKS Associates, Inc.
Realtors Consultants
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